What is Association for Educational Projects?

Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL) aims to promote education of young women.Its educational activities focus on all aspects of human development. AEPL’s educational philosophy fosters the development of one’s character as a foundation for the acquisition of other virtues and skills.

Today there are activities sponsored by AEPL in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. Projects of AEPL are open to all people, regardless of their background.
AEPL was founded in 1976 by a group of Sydney residents from a wide variety of backgrounds. Their aim was to establish an association that would sponsor and promote educational projects to meet the needs of Australian society.

AEPL is not-for- profit company and a registered charity.

AEPL has a Child Protection Policy which is available for download.

The Child Protection Officer of AEPL is Gerald Santucci, Director of Snedden Hall & Gallop Lawyers.